The Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya is one of the most prestigious Rotaract Clubs in the RI District 3220. The club was founded on the 9th of July, 2002 and was chartered in the same year. After a short period of silence, it sprang up to work in 2006. The charter president of the club is Rtr. PP Pathum Mudannayake who was an undergraduate from the Faculty of Science. He and his committee have done a great deal to raise the club to higher levels in the district. Our initial Senior Treasurer was Dr. Shamila Kumar. She is one of the main reasons the club stands proud inside the university arena. The current Senior Treasurer & Staff advisor is Dr. B. M. K. Pemasiri who has been a great pillar behind all the success.

The list of past presidents is as follows.

1. Rtr. PP Pathum Mudannayake

2. Rtr. PP Chamara Abeysekara

3. Rtr. PP Bhagya Egodage

4. Rtr. PP Chulanga Niriella

5. Rtr. PP Madhawa Balasuriya

6. Rtr. PP Upul Chathuranga Senanayake

7. Rtr. PP Pradeep De Alwis

8. Rtr. PP Pubudu Wimalasiri

9. Rtr. PP Tharindu Malinga

10. Rtr. PP Chamara Yapa

11. Rtr. PP Pasan Kavikeshawa

12. Rtr. PP Thiraj Dhanushan

13. Rtr. PP Tharindu Pinnaduwage

14. Rtr. PP Lahiru Dissanayake

15. Rtr. IPP Ravindu Seneviratne

With that as the beginning, the club has covered a range of projects in every Rotaract Year to make the lives of their community better. The projects were spread along all five avenues of service, but as a University-based Rotaract Club, we concentrate mostly on Professional Development and Community Service. Our project 'Fat to Fit' won the Silver Award in the Most Innovative Project category and the project ‘Nextstep’ won the Bronze Award in the Best Professional Development project category in 2019 at the Rotaract District Assembly. ‘REACH FOR WATER’ is a signature project of our club conducted under the Community Service Avenue; focused on finding a solution for a national level health issue, which is Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin(commonly known as CKDU). Prathibhana, Sathkara and Green Legacy are our other signature projects that our club has successfully carried out over the past few years and continues to carry out every year.

With a massive membership Base of over 150 Active Members and 100 more prospective members spanning through 9 faculties, Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya stands in as one of the largest Rotaract Clubs in RID 3220. Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya continues to be the best and most active club at the University and hosts undergraduates with numerous talents under her wing and nurture them to thrive for their dreams. As we count the years, the club will always be there to carry out the service it has always carried out and to shine bright in the RI District 3220.

Board of Directors 2021/22

The board of Directors is the Governing body of the club. The board consist of 12 Top Board Members and 24 Directors.

Dr. B M K Pemasiri

Senior Treasurer & Staff Advisor

Rtr. Deelaka Pathiranage


Rtr. Ravindu Seneviratne

Immediate Past President

Rtr. Matheesha Pahankara

Joint Secretary

Rtr. Ayesha Udawatte

Joint Secretary

Rtr. Sanjula Senadheera

Vice President

Rtr. Dasuni Ranasinghe

Vice President - Professional Development

Rtr. M N F Hilma

Vice President - External Relations

Rtr. Heshan Perera

Vice President - Membership & Human Resource

Rtr. Imesh Balasuriya

Vice President - Public Relations

Rtr. Anjana Kulatunge


Rtr. Emalka Gunathilake


Rtr. Saduni Jayawardena


Rtr. Ishani Pitigala

Sub Editor

Rtr. Uthpala Rathnayake

Sub Editor

Rtr. Dinith Mayadunna

Co Director - Club Service

Rtr. Vindya Sewmini

Co Director - Club Service

Rtr. Kalana Kawshan

Co Director -Community Service

Rtr. Yashika Nipuni

Co Director - Community Service

Rtr. Thimira Isuranga

Co Director - Community Service

Rtr. Thilini Thilakarathne

Co Director -International Service

Rtr. Miyuru K.Silva

Co Director - International Service

Rtr. Sandeepani Dissanayake

Co Director - Professional Development

Rtr. Shakthi Senevirathne

Co Director - Professional Development

Rtr. Nimasha Ranathunga

Co Director - Professional Development

Rtr. Sudaraka Gambheera

Co Director - Public Relations

Rtr. Chalani Peris

Co Director - Public Relations

Rtr. Nimnad Mihiranga

Co Director - Public Relations

Rtr. Tharika Liyanage

Director - Sports & Recreations

Rtr. Chamith Nilusha

Co Director - Digital Media

Rtr. Viraj Ariyawansha

Co Director - Digital Media

Rtr. Lawan Ransara

Co Director - Environmental Services

Rtr. Bimasha Upalirathne

Co Director -Environmental Services

Rtr. Methmi Kulathunge

Co Director - Finance

Rtr. Thisal Kithsara

Co Director - Finance

Rtr. Aravinda De Silva

Co Director - Membership

Rtr. Pasasna Amarasinghe

Co Director - Membership