This quarantine, the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya brought everyone at home a special pet care project. Since most of us are confined to stay at our homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a pet care project was organized to discuss the common issues related to pets. It made the society aware of proper pet caring and also gave an idea about public health issues that can occur due to pets in our day-to-day life. Furthermore, it provided practical advice on how to take care of pets by fulfilling their essential needs with a clear understanding. With that aim in mind, two webinars consisted of video discussions and live Q&A sessions were conducted and later a massive effort was taken by the Organizing Committee to publish articles, awareness posts, creative stories and poems written by undergraduates in the newly created Facebook page.

Know Your Pet Official Facebook Page: Know Your Pet

Know Your Pet

27th May, 2021

Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.

The two webinars were conducted via Zoom and Facebook live and reached an overall audience of more than 500 participants. The first session was aimed at making the public aware of the correct way of taking care of cats and dogs. This wonderful session was conducted by a professional in the field, Dr. Ushani Atapattu, a past Rotaractor, a Veterinarian and a probationary lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences at the University of Peradeniya. In this session, animal welfare, vaccination schedules, deworming, public health issues like zoonotic diseases and rabies, nutrition and diet, drugs and foods that need to be avoided and many more facts that we should pay attention to when having a pet dog or a cat, were discussed. At the end of the session, a valuable e-booklet, containing the important aspects that have been discussed at the webinar was given to the participants.

Prathibhana 2020

24th February, 2021

ආර්ථික අපහසුකම් මැද පවා තම අනාගත සුභ සිහින යථාර්ථයක් කර ගැනීමට වෙර දරන වට්ටප්පොළ මධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලයීය දරු දැරියන්ගේ අනාගතය සුපහන් කිරීමට දැන් ඔබටත් දායක විය හැකිය.

පේරාදෙණිය විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ රොටරැක්ට් සමාජය විසින් සංවිධානය කරනු ලබන


සම්මන්ත්‍රණ මාලාවට සමගාමීව එම සිසු දරුවන් සඳහා පොත්පත් සහ අනෙකුත් පාසල් උපකරණ පරිත්‍යාග කිරීමට අපි බලාපොරොත්තු වෙමු.

කොරෝනා වසන්ගත තත්ත්වය නිසාවෙන් අප හා ඍජුවම සම්බන්ධ වීමට ඔබට අපහසු වුවත් මූල්‍යමය ආධාර ලෙස හෝ ද්‍රව්‍යමය ආධාර පරිත්‍යාග කිරීම මගින් මෙම මහඟු සමාජ සත්කාරයට ඔබ සැමට දායක විය හැකිය.

එම ලිපිද්‍රව්‍ය හා පාසල් උපකරණ මිලදී ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය මුදල් පරිත්‍යාගයන් මාර්තු 15 වෙනි දාට පෙර පහත ගිණුම් අංකයට බැර කිරීම මගින් ඔබටත් මේ සඳහා දායක විය හැකිය.

මුදල් පරිත්‍යාගය කරන ලද ලදුපතෙහි (bank slip) ඡායාරූපයක් පහත සඳහන් දුරකථන අංකයකට හෝ ඊමේල් ලිපිනයට එවන මෙන් කාරුණිකව ඉල්ලා සිටිමු.

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Rotaract Club- University of Peradeniya,

People's Bank, Peradeniya

Prathibhana 2020

07th of January 2021

"දරුවන් රටක අනාගතයයි. ඔවුන් හෙට දින පුරවැසියන්ය. නිවැරැදි අධ්‍යාපනයක් තුළින් පමණක් නිවැරදි සමාජයක අඩිතාලම නිර්මාණය වේ. එබැවින් ඔවුන්ගේ නැණස පෑදීම රටේ අනාගතය වෙනුවෙන් කළ හැකි වටිනාම ආයෝජනයයි"

-ශ්‍රීමත් ජවහර්ලාල් නේරු

එදාමෙදා තුර මාහැඟි සමාජ සේවා කර්තව්‍යයන් රැසක නියැලෙන අප පේරාදෙණිය විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයීය රොටරැක්ට් සමාජය මෙවරත් එබඳු ව්‍යාපෘතියකට මුලපුරා ඇත. “ප්‍රතිභාන 2020” වට්ටප්පොල මධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලයීය 2021 වර්ෂයේ අ.පො.ස. සාමාන්‍ය පෙළ විභාගයට පෙනී සිටීමට නියමිත සිසුන්‌ වෙනුවෙන් සිදුකෙරෙන අධ්‍යාපනික සත්කාරයක් ලෙස 2021 පෙබරවාරි සිට මාර්තු මාසය දක්වා සතිඅන්ත 6ක් පුරාවට ක්‍රියාත්මක වනු ඇත.

මෙම ව්‍යාපෘතිය මගින් සිසුන්ගේ ගණිත, විද්‍යා සහ ඉංග්‍රීසි දැනුම ඉහළ නැංවීමටත් සාමාන්‍ය පෙළ විභාගය සඳහා හොඳින් සූදානම් වීමට අත්වැලක් සැපයීමටත් අපේක්ෂිතය. ඒ සඳහා වටිනා නිබන්ධන පෙළක් මෙම සිසුන් සඳහාම නිර්මාණය කර ඇත්තෙමු. “ප්‍රතිභාන 2020” ලෙසින් ක්‍රියාත්මක වන මෙම වැඩසටහන යටතේම එම විද්‍යාලයේ 11 ශ්‍රේණියේ සිසුන් සඳහා ගණිත, විද්‍යා හා ඉංග්‍රීසි සම්මන්ත්‍රණ මෙහෙයවීමටත්, සිසුන් සඳහා පාසල් ලිපි ද්‍රව්‍ය බෙදා දීමටත් අපේක්ෂිතය. Read more...

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Reach For Water'19

Donation of the water filter and Rotaract road trip

06th of September, 2020

As you all may know, the final phase of our most prominent project, Reach for Water concluded just a few weeks ago. We donated a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System to a village in the North Central Province, which has been suffering from Kidney Related Diseases forever. Since the journey to this village takes the whole day, we decided make it a small Road Trip and so many of our beloved members joined us. But what you do not know is how one of our members found himself a secret admirer from the Road Trip. Keep reading till the end to find out what really happened! Read more...

Thalassemia Awareness Program

3rd of Jane, 2020

For the very first time, the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya was able to conduct an online awareness program with the highest number of participants, representing several universities and targeting one of the most common genetic disorders in the contemporary Sri Lankan society- Thalassemia. The former plan was to conduct this awareness program with a blood testing campaign, but due to the current situation in the country impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the committee moved to execute the online awareness session while the blood test camp was put on hold for a later date.

The resource person for the program was Rotarian President Dr. W.M.M. Arambepola, the paediatrician in charge at the National Thalassemia Hospital and who has been working with patients of this disorder for a long time. The session was held for almost two hours with a presentation and active participation of the audience who were enthusiastically engaged in an interactive session throughout the program.

Thalassemia Awareness Programme Session 1

What is Thalassemia?

Thalassemia Awareness Programme Session 2

Prevention of Thalassemia

Thalassemia Awareness Programme Session 3

Discussion on Thalassemia

Let's Support the Daily Wagers

10th of April, 2020

With the prevailing curfew in the country majority of the people affected are daily wagers and they have to undergo several issues during this period. To facilitate the people affected by the current situation in the country, Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya joined with the Art of Living Foundation, Explorers Club of University of Peradeniya, and AIESEC in Kandy in the project “Let’s Support the Daily Wagers”. Under this, a hundred families residing in Galaha and Deltota areas were chosen and essential dry rations and goods were donated with the support of Government officials in those areas. Most of the people affected in this area were working in the estate sector as well as other daily chores. Helping those in need who were even unable to have one meal per day during this time was a great task and the contribution of donators and well-wishers made this project a success.


Closing Ceremony

26th of October, 2019

The closing ceremony of Prathibana'19 phase 01 was successfully held on 26th October at Pelawa Maha Vidyalaya, Muruthalawa after a successful O/L seminar session for maths and science subjects, along with a chess camp. The closing ceremony was conducted with the presence of the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and an Assistant Director of Education. Donation of Underutilized plants and sports equipment were done at the closing ceremony.


Chess Camp

26th of October, 2020


Opening Ceremony

28th of September, 2019

The opening ceremony of the series of G.C.E. Ordinary Level seminars was held at the Pelawa Maha Vidyalaya, Muruthalawa on 28th of September 2019.

Helping the students with Maths and Science took place and our Rotaractors volunteered for creating model papers, marking and discussing them with the students. This project was successfully held over four consecutive weekends. This project was geared by a chess camp for the students in the school, and it was a great success as the majority of the students participated in the chess camp with great enthusiasm.

Sathkara Children's Day Celebration

11th of October, 2019

World Children’s day celebration was taken place at the Keppetipola Vidyalaya-Kandy on 11th October 2019. The event consisted of motivational sessions, entertainment items and fun games. Tree planting campaign also took place where students were grouped and were given a plant to take care for the rest of their school days. On the 12th and 13th, wall painting event happened in the school to turn the school into a more student-friendly place.

Cheer For Lions

06th of September, 2019

With the aim of uplifting the fellowship among Rotaractors, ‘Cheer for Lions’ event happened on the 6th of September 2019 at the Pallekele International Cricket stadium. As an after event, cleaning the ground took place.

Sathkara Elder's Day Celebration

06th of October, 2019

Another project commemorating the Elders Day happened on 6th of October at the Sarana Sevana Elders Home- Mawilmada, which is supervised by the Kandy Buddhist Association. Rotaractors spent a memorable day with the elders with a music session, entertainment items and also conducted a tree planting campaign. At the end of the event, dry rations and necessary supplements for the elders were donated by the Rotaractors.

O/L English Preparation Seminar

13th of July, 2019

This English seminar for the O/L students of the Hindagala Sivali Maha Vidyalaya was successfully conducted by the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya with Rotaract international district 3220 “Project serve - Basic education and literacy” on 13th July 2019 with the participation of 65 students. English being an essential language in developing steps to bridge with the world and to achieve the dreams of these innocent hearts, Rotaract Club is truly pleasured in delivering the English language seminar. The students were taught with important language skills which are the keys to achieving greater heights in the G.C.E O/L Examination. A huge thanks go to all the members, resource personnel and Rotary Club of Kandy in making this event a success.

The main focus of the project was to refresh the knowledge and collaborate with these students on areas such as creativity, general knowledge and knowledge on Science & nature. Not only on knowledge, but it also focused on attitude building, especially to improve the contribution of school children to minimize environmental pollution.

The project connected with school children who were 9-12 years old since they are the future guardians of this society and as it is practically possible to change their thinking pattern at this age. Ms. Irushinie Wedage of the Parley for Oceans Association, Sri Lanka joined with us as our resource person. It is important to mention the resource person’s valuable contribution, as she was such a generous person who was very friendly with children and had broad knowledge on the topic to not just educate children but also to make an impact on their ideologies.

Parisara Mithuro

20th January, 2021

The project “පරිසර මිතුරෝ” is the collective effort of two avenues of the club: namely, the Environmental Service Avenue and The International Service Avenue. The project was done in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of GITAM in India. This was an open event for the students of Reggie Ranatunga Science College, Minuwangoda and it was conducted successfully as a well-planned, enthusiastic, brainstorming program for school children who got involved.

It was evident in the Q&A sessions how far students had thought as they were just exposed to the topic and we were mesmerized by the active participation of almost all the students who were very keen on the subject and showed great motivation by even creating environmentally friendly items, sharing their personal ideas and suggesting alternative methods to minimize environmental pollution. Ms. Irushinie Wedage covered all possible areas under the Environmental science, especially water pollution and assigned practical activities for which, students participated with a lot of interest.

Green Legacy'20

5th of December, 2020

Green Legacy is a joint project organized by the Rotaract clubs of University of Peradeniya, University of Kelaniya, and University of Moratuwa. In the years since its launch in 2015, the focus of this joint undertaking has been on contributing to afforestation and reforestation efforts. The project committees have conducted numerous tree-planting campaigns throughout the years and the participation in these campaigns has been restricted to Rotaractors from the three clubs. This year however the Green Legacy project committee could not organize its annual tree-planting campaign due to restrictions imposed on in-person events following the spread of Covid-19. Instead, the Green Legacy project committee sought to launch an online public awareness-raising programme titled “Green Legacy Insight” whilst maintaining the Green Legacy Facebook page. The sessions under this awareness-raising programme were organized as open events, allowing all interested parties to join the discussion; unlike in the previous years where participation in events had been limited to solely club members.

The direct project beneficiaries of this year’s Green Legacy project include the general public, Rotaract club members, and of course the resource persons invited to share their experiences and insights into marine biodiversity conservation in Sri Lanka.

The two webinars spotlight two very unique themes, supplying a long-felt need in the work of raising awareness on marine biodiversity conservation amongst the general populace of the country. The public was able to gain useful insights into imperiled ocean ecosystems, what actions are taken to reverse its downward trend, risks facing the turtle population, and actions taken to reduce or eliminate risks, turtle reservation centres in Sri Lanka, and the procedures followed within them and much more. They were inspired to get involved, to be vocal about threats to marine biodiversity, and equipped with the necessary knowledge to contribute meaningfully to stimulating and intriguing conversations and possibly deliver innovative and practicable solutions to issues at hand.

The speakers were also benefitted through the “Green Legacy Insight” initiative because it had created the platform for them to carry out their work in raising awareness on various aspects of Marine biodiversity conservation and getting such powerful messages across to the general public and especially the youth of today who are the future custodians of the environment. This new experience also allowed committee members to hone their communication, organizational, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Accordingly, the committee conducted two webinars under the “Green Legacy Insight” initiative on the topics of “Imperilled Ocean Ecosystems and reversing the downward trend” and ”Sea Turtles as a flagship species for marine conservation in Sri Lanka” via Zoom and Facebook live. The first webinar was held on the 13th of November and the second one on the 3rd of December. The two resource persons were Ms. Irushinie Wedage and Ms. Chathurika Munasinghe for the first and second webinars respectively.

Both of the sessions were well-attended where there were more than 250 attendees for the first webinar and more than 400 for the second. Moreover, a recording of the second webinar was posted on the Green Legacy Facebook page.

In addition to organizing the two webinars, the committee also maintained the Green Legacy Facebook page by taking turns among the three joint clubs. Each week was allocated to one of the clubs. The page was maintained by putting up new posts during the weeks allotted to the club to manage the page. The committee kept encouraging the public to send in their submissions for posts as well.

This year’s Green Legacy project events were organized to further raise public awareness on topics related to environmental protection, conservation, and pressing environmental issues plaguing communities at present. Out of the myriad of topics to choose from, the committee decided to select the theme of marine biodiversity conservation for the webinars, a subject that does not get much public attention.

Furthermore, the important work done in maintaining the Green Legacy Facebook page contributed immensely to benefit the public and Rotaractors alike. This page creates the space for anyone to share their take on various environmental issues, share their stories on environmental conservation, or simply showcase nature's beauty through their work, which includes poems, stories, and photographs, all authentic content that resonates better with audiences. It also brings together those who share a common interest in protecting the environment and allows them to inspire others to be aware of threats to biodiversity, to rally against environmental destruction, and to love nature.

Green Legacy'19

07th of June, 2020

The project Green Legacy which is organized for the 5th consecutive time altered its cause of planting plants in the Hanthana mountain range. Last year it was held in an area of Hanthana Mountain, Dunumadalawa and this year we are planning to conduct the project at the sideways of the Southern Highway(Kahathuduwa to Kottawa).

Green Legacy is a joint project organized by Rotaract Club of university of Peradeniya in collaboration with Rotaract clubs of University of Kelaniya and University of Moratuwa. This year the project was mainly focused on the sustainability of the project. Hence the members make sure that the plants will be looked after until they can grow themselves. The plants which were planted will be well looked after by the staff of the Road Development Authority. This maintenance ensures the complete sustainable existence of the impact of this project, as the plants will be well looked after till they are better established. Read more...