Skill Camp by Skillora

Skillora '21 is a 5-day workshop series organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya. The webinar series is organized to uplift the digital media skills of the participants through live workshops, evaluated tasks, and guided projects.

Join us live on Day 05, the last day of Skillora'21 to learn about Moderating with Ms.Thanuja Jayawardana and Platform Handling with Rtr. Anjana Gajanayaka.

Date: 24th September 2021

Time: 6.00 PM


13th February, 2021

"DesignX" was an online webinar series which was conducted as three separate sessions with the main target of developing the digital designing software skills of the participants. At a time where everybody is spending most of their time roaming on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, why not give them a chance to learn something new or sharpen their skills? That’s how our always-busy PR Team came up with this fantastic idea.

The project was not carried out alone. We partnered up with the Media Society of University of Peradeniya, Perabeats for this great project. Nowadays, everybody is very eager to learn Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. Therefore, the project was carried out to introduce the concepts of these 3 in an understandable manner.

Adobe Lightroom Session

Adobe Photoshop Session

Adobe Premiere Pro Session

The main objective of the project is making the University of Peradeniya a COVID Controlled Environment and resuming the academic activities even at the time of the pandemic.

This massive project consists of 7 phases and is still on going.

Phase 1: On-Campus Awareness Workshop

After discussing extensively with the university administration, health center and other relevant personnel, we decided to hold an awareness workshop to educate the university community about the new protocols in place, health guidelines that must be followed when the university started and to get their insight about the pandemic situation and new initiations in place. Students and staff members representing each year of every faculty participated for this workshop. A volunteer group consisting of students and staff members was formed to monitor whether the proper health guidelines are followed by everyone.

Phase 2: Banner Campaign

At a time the whole community is facing a virus which has no cure, the only way to protect ourselves is to arm ourselves with the proper knowledge. This is why, we as a club decided to display the proper the health guidelines all around the university. 100 banners were displayed at specific places demonstrating the relevant guidelines.

Phase 3: Online Awareness Campaign

Phase 4: Donation of washbasins

Phase 5: "Wear a Mask" Challenge

COVID Free Pera

10th of June, 2020

The project COVID Free Pera has been happening for over 6 months in the University of Peradeniya, which houses 12, 000 students. The project managed to turn the university premises which spans over 700 hectares into a COVID controlled environment. The project grew from humble beginnings to an expansive project which contributed in many ways towards Dr. Rohantha's brainchild: the Stop The Spread Initiative. Having started as a part of Rotary's Stop The Spread Initiative in order to further the Rotary vision of a lively society under the new normal, the project soon became the model project to test the initiatives.

Quarantine and Chill

31st of March, 2020

Project ‘Quarantine and Chill’ was organized to raise the spirit of the Rotaractors and Interactors during the invasion of COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with 13 other Rotaract and Interact clubs.

The event was about creativity and was directed under 3 categories. Poetry and Art were under the theme of Peace of Harmony while Memes were under the theme of Lifestyle of Rotaractors/Interactors during “work from home” and how they miss Rotaract/ Interact moments. The submissions were allowed from 22nd March to 31st March 2020 via a google drive link and the winners from each category were announced through social media.

Rise Up Sri Lanka

30th of April, 2020

‘Rise Up Sri Lanka’ is an awareness program initiated by the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya during the Covid-19 outbreak. Committee members from ten different projects came up with their creative ideas to raise awareness among the general public. Their messages include how we can protect our motherland and how individuals can do their part to save a whole community from getting infected by the pandemic. The project committees shared their inspiring messages on social media platforms as they could influence more and more people to join hand in hand for this great course. Rotaractors representing all faculties and volunteers showed their utmost contribution to this online awareness campaign. Read more...


Captures '19 - Photography Competition and Exhibition

27th of July, 2019

The extravagant photographic exhibition organized by the club in collaboration with Perabeats the official media club of the university and Canon Metropolitan as the main sponsor was held on the 26th and 27th July at the Senate premises, University of Peradeniya from 9am onwards.

Viewers could vote for the favourite photograph for the ‘Canon Metropolitan Online Most Popular Photograph Award’. This was open to both university and school students and under several categories, they could submit their photographs. The winners were selected by a special panel of judges while an online category winner was selected under the basis of the number of online voted on the social media. A seminar on photography was conducted on the 27th July along with the awarding ceremony at Appadurai Auditorium, University of Peradeniya. Read more...

Captures'19 Phase 2 - Seminar

Captures'19 Phase 1 - Exhibition