Live with COVID

30th of December, 2020

By now we all know that the COVID-19 virus has spread around the world and has claimed many lives. It has seriously affected all the countries of the world. The situation is well under control now and the authorities are planning an exit strategy. Therefore, considering this prevailing situation we, the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya decided to do something new under the International Service Avenue to make people aware of this pandemic situation. So we thought that maybe it would be even more effective if we could make this known not only to our country, but also to the other countries in the world.

This “Live with COVID” was an International Service Initiative to raise awareness about the Global Pandemic: COVID-19, its prevention methods and to appreciate the true heroes behind the battle against COVID-19 while giving a chance to think creatively. This was an International competition and we had majority of participants from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and also participants from some African countries too. This was another successful step taken by the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya to make people aware of this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

This project was carried out as a competition with the intention of checking the creativity of participants. Participants were given two themes and were asked to send us their creative videos, digital posters, hand drawn posters and photographs related to the themes. The two themes were:

1. Offering tribute to health officers

2. Following Public Health Guidelines

Mainly, we wanted to appreciate the true heroes behind this battle against COVID-19 while giving a chance to think creatively.

At the end of the competition, we selected three winners and winners of each category were admired with special valuable E- Certificates. Every other participant too was admired with another valuable E-Certificate. “Live with COVID” competition gave a great opportunity for participants to develop their creativity and soft skills while becoming aware of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Mandela 102

25th of July, 2019

"It's always seems impossible until it is done"

- Mr. Nelson Mandela

Project ‘Mandela 102’ was taken place on 25th July 2019 to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s 102nd Birth Anniversary. Rotaractors of University of Peradeniya joined hand in hand in this by planting a Robarosiya tree near the entrance of Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. Even though it is a native plant species, permission had to be granted by the ‘Tree Plantation Unit’ in the University as there were scheduled processes of planting trees on the university premises according to the faculty colours. The tree was named after Nelson Mandela and our Rotaract club. Read more...

Inter Club Youth Exchange

Inter Club Youth Exchange (Rotaract Club of Dombivil RID 3142)

27th of September, 2019

Three Rotaractors, representing the Rotaract Club of Dombivil- RID 3142 from India visited Sri Lanka as a part of the ICYE (Inter Club Youth Exchange) programme. Read more...


26th of May, 2018

We, Rotaractors of University of Peradeniya, Rotary Club of Kandy joining hand in hand with the Rotary Club of Tiripur, West India decided to keep a giant step forward. We aspired to plant hope by planting trees. The hope for a green world where every breathing human being and every breathing tree share an unbreakable bond will be planted.

The main objective of the project Kumbuk was to save the environment and water by planting trees. And for that 250 Kumbuk trees were planted in the Hanthana Mountain Range. Other than that an organized public relation plan was there to make the public aware of what we can do to save the world. Also it enriched the fellowship among the Rotaractors and Rotarians.