Skillora‘21 was an online Bootcamp organized by the Rotaract club of University of Peradeniya with the main focus on enhancing digital media and public relations skills.

This project consisted of five workshops along with a Guided Project at the end of the workshop series. During the first three sessions daily tasks were assigned for the participants to check how they apply the newly learned concepts.

The five workshops were conducted via zoom platform, with more than 650 overall participation.

The guided project was conducted as a 3 hour boot camp on the 25th of November 2021. It was concluded with the participation of 42 attendees who were divided among 6 teams to carry on the tasks as a team. They were provided with the opportunity to practically use the concepts learned during the workshop series. The project was mainly focused on graphic designing and content writing skills. They were given an assumed project concept to create a simple marketing campaign.

The live session consisted of three tasks to complete within the allocated time. They were assigned to create an event post, an application calling post along with captions for both of them to be published in social media platforms. Then to create the application form using google forms platform.

The Sample certificate that was awarded to those who completed the guided project